23 April 2012

Cinnamon Muffins, Oh no!

I was going to make some great cinnamon muffins yesterday and the first try went terribly wrong. 
The dough went all lumpy, didn't rise properly and I ended up just having to chuck it out. It was sad.
The problem after that is that I hardly had any more yeast so my second try was tiny and I only got to make four muffins. They were big, but still only four of them. I think I'll make them slightly smaller nest time and I'll have to work on the recipe as I'm very unsure about the one I used. 
I think I'll ask my grandmother for her recipe for cinnamon rolls. They are lovely so surely they will make the best cinnamon muffins as well. 

Just as I put them in the oven, the butter started melting right away and they made the whole kitchen smell wonderful. I couldn't wait to see them come out again. 

As they came out I could feel the excitement rising and they looked amazing. 
They tasted amazing and the smell, it was like a dream. 
So me and my mother decided to tuck in and enjoy them while they were warm. 
I was half way through mine and I was gutted to see the middle wasn't cooked. 
It was a baking nightmare day and I had been looking forwards to them for a week. 
But I'm not giving up!
I'll make them slightly smaller to make sure they cook properly and then I'll get the recipe perfected. I'll steal grandma's. 
Once I've got it all sorted I'll share it with you all so you can try and taste them yourself.

~ Love Clare <3

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