4 May 2012

Baking Thursday!

So I've been slow on my blogging this last couple of weeks. 
The cinnamon break apart muffins (read first post here) I was working on are now more or less perfect though I'm still working on the technique before I will post a full recipe for you all. 
The last ones I made were so good. I could eat them all day long. 

 My favourite part of them though?
That will have to be the bottom of them. They are so good and moist and because they are baked in the muffin tray all the butter runs down to the bottom and makes them amazing. 


Well, this evening I decided I wanted to do some baking. My grandmother's boyfriend made me a great baking board that I just had to try out so I was thinking of making some focaccia. I've been thinking of baking some for about a week now but never got as far as to do it so I still can't remember where I have my recipe for it. 
Never mind! I have a book about bread baking! So I grabbed the book (well actually my mother did) and got to work. For the first time I have the perfect surface to work on so I decided to bake it right on the board. For the first time! I was so excited. 

I only got one picture this time because I was so excited about it all and I had such a good time that I completely forgot to take pictures. 

To cut a long story short or maybe it's better to say I made a short story longer, it didn't work out. 
The recipe in the book was a complete bust. It turned out like a big, white bun. 
It tasted nice, but it wasn't focaccia. 
In the end it just means I'll have to find my recipe so that I can make some real focaccia. All on my new board of course, because it's amazing. Next time I'll have some great pictures to show off my baking board.

Have a great weekend all of you! 
~ Love,