26 March 2012

So what will this week bring?

Well, I'll be baking tomorrow and I'm really looking forwards to it. I was walking around town looking for dates to use and I couldn't find it anywhere. That's the main problem with living in a small town next to the Swedish border south in Norway. Whenever something is slightly out of season there is a possibility that you wont see it for another year or so.
But! In the end I found some. So tomorrow I'll be baking some Date and Walnut muffins. They really are some of the best muffins I've ever tasted and they last for days without going stale. 
On Wednesday I'm going to the cat shelter to take care of the fluffy creatures and on Thursday I will be doing a little Cat Profile of Claude. (top right corner)

And also introducing Miss!
Miss is my own little girl. She became ten years this February and now that the sun has come out she's loving it outside. I spent ages with her yesterday out in the sun rolling around and playing. Such a fluffy little ball. 

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